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Bushido Samurai Sword MC 3034

Bushido Samurai Sword MC 3034

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  • Bushido literally means "The Way of the Warrior", and our Bushido Samurai Katanas are the perfect tool for such Warrior Ways. Bushido was the way of life for the warrior in 13th-19th century Japan. Honor was the main foundation of life, along with wisdom, honesty, courage, respect, and glory. Our Bushido Samurai Katana would make anyone who practiced this code of honor quite proud. Each piece in the Bushido Collection has a hand forged iron wrapped high quality carbon steel blade that is extremely sharp. The wooden saya (scabbard) for each piece is finished with a deep black laquer finish wrapped in Japanese cotton sageo.

    Overall Length: 41"
    Blade Length: 27 1/4"
    Blade Material: High carbon steel.
    Handle Material: Sageo and ito braid with simulated ray skin wrap.
    Includes: Cleaning kit, cotton sword bag, and hang tag.
  • Bushido Samurai Sword MC 3034
    Bushido Samurai Sword MC 3034