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About Us

For over a decade, Twiggy's has been selling swords of all types such as Samurai, collectible replicas, movie and cartoon blades.

Our vast array of swords for your collection can include dragons, civil war, pirate replicas, and roman re-creations.

You can find your blades here for less. Movie collectible replicas like Excalibur or even a samurai sword are some of what you will find here.

If you don't find what you are looking for in our collection of collectible replica blades, movie and cartoon swords such as Excalibur, Zelda and let us know. Any collectible replica can be in your grasp with just a click of the mouse from Excalibur to Zelda weapons, collectible samurai replicas, dragon swords, civil war blades, pirate replicas, roman re-creations as well as the The Peter sword from the Narnia movie.

In an effort to better serve our customers, Twiggy's Treasures has opened online. We hope you enjoy the website. Happy Shopping and thank you for being such loyal customers.