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Samurai Swords - Battle Ready - Razor Sharp Katanas

The ancient samurai were a proud group of warriors that protected the people of Japan from invaders and other nasty elements for centuries. Although the order of the samurai has dwindled down to nearly nothing, you can still live out your samurai dreams by getting battle ready samurai swords from Twiggy's Treasures. Our samurai swords and all katana swords are built using the finest materials and hand crafted by the top sword builders in the business.

One type of samurai sword we sell is Bushido blades. We sell many different types of Bushido blades and each is excellent in its way. The "Bushido Samurai Sword JL 808" is but just one example of these fine swords. The phrase "Bushido" means "way of the warrior" and this sword will make you feel like a serious samurai warrior. Each is made out of high quality carbon steel with an authentic ray skin handle. Each samurai sword handle is wrapped with braids to increase the grip and make them easier to handle. Each is sharpened intensively before being sold to make sure they are up to your standards. This sword is available at a discount of 33%.

Masahiro samurai katanas are another type of sword available from our site. The "Masahiro Samurai Katana MA JO1" is just one of the many fine katanas of this type we sell. This nearly four foot long sword is made out of 1060 carbon steel that is razor sharp. The handle is made out of authentic ray skin to make it as realistic as possible. It comes with a sword bag designed to keep the sword safe from wear and tear. Each katana is hand forged and built to ensure the finest quality sword possible. This katana sword is available at an astonishing 62% savings from Twiggy's Treasures.

Samurai swords and katana swords aren't always so long. One type of katana sword that remains popular is the Tanto. These short swords were designed to be used stealthily. They were secretive, quick and deadly to the enemy of the samurai. Twiggy's Treasures offers many different types of these swords including the "Musashi Asuka Tanto Red." This sword is made using the high quality Asuka method.

Each sword is less than two feet long with a blade that is just shy of a foot long. Each blade is made out of hand forged high carbon steel using the tsukurikomi process. The handles are made out of real ray skin with a black cotton cord wrap. Display each sword in a beautiful wood burned lettering box.

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