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Tom Anderson Deluxe Ninja Sword FMT011B

Tom Anderson Deluxe Ninja Sword FMT011B

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Item #:Ninja-Sword-FMT-011B-MC
Twiggy's Price$65.99

  • This Tom Anderson designed ninja sword features

    Black Stainless Steel Blade

    Cord wrapped handle

    Ninja hand claw, throwing star, throwing darts(4), and 9 caltrops can be detached from the sword.

    Finding a great looking ninja sword can be a hard task. Many designers and stores say they offer the best ninja swords possible at the best price but often these prices are inflated beyond all decency and may be hard for the average person to purchase. And then they are often made out of shoddy material that simply doesn't hold up being displayed, let alone used in simulation exercises.

    Luckily, Twiggy's Treasures is around to offer the finest swords at the best possible prices. All of our swords are hand built by the best builders in the business and are sold at incredible discount prices. Almost nobody can boast as low prices as Twiggy's and we have over a decade of experience to prove that we're the best. People keep coming back for more of our high quality, low cost samurai, katana and ninja swords.

    One of our finest swords available is the "Tom Anderson Deluxe Ninja Sword." This sword is designed by pro sword designer Tom Anderson. It is designed to be a top of the line sword with a wide range of advantages and special features that you simply cannot find in any other ninja sword on the market. Check out this sword and its features to see how incredible of a job Anderson did at creating one of the best swords on the market.

    Each sword is over four feet long and hand crafted from the finest material on the market. Each blade is made out of black stainless steel that is designed to last longer and stay sharper longer than other swords. The blade itself accounts for over half of the sword length, making it an imposing looking sword in a variety of different situations. Each handle is cord wrapped to ensure excellent, never slip grip. A sheath helps keep the sword safe from outside elements such as air and water.

    One of the best parts of this sword is the included accessories. Each sword comes with a sharp ninja hand claw. These close range weapons were designed to strike and tear at the enemies if a sword was dropped or not available. It also comes with a throwing star, four throwing darts and nine caltrops.

    Overall Length: 43.5”
    Blade Length: 28’
    Blade Material: Black stainless steel
    Handle Material: Cord wrapped
    Includes: Ninja hand claw, throwing star, 4 throwing darts, 9 caltrops, micarta guard magnetized with throwing star.
  • Tom Anderson Deluxe Ninja Sword FMT011B