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Musashi Han Wu Sword SC295

Musashi Han Wu Sword SC295

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  • This Han Wu Sword is the collectible version of the Han Wu sword which is displayed in the Macao Museum. In 2005 the Han Wu Sword was selected as representative of the only opus in China area in Opuses Exhibition of International Sword casting Master. In October 2005, Han Wu Sword was added to the Macao Museum. SC300 was the museum’s version of Han Wu Sword and was featured in Ba Hua (8 surfaces total on two sides of the blade). The SC 295 features four surfaces total on two sides of blade.

    Method of Forging: Medium carbon steel and pure iron are forged in folded method with more than 8,000 layers of carbon steel introduced. The sword is then hammered into the desired length and shaped after tempering with water and sharpened by hand.

    Style of the Sword: The bronze fittings of the sword are made in the “lost-wax” method. The ancient sandalwood scabbard of the sword is constructed in a double-layer structure; the wooden handle is tied with silk strings, which reflect the simplicity and prestige of the Han Dynasty.

    Blade width at tip: 0.8” Guard Width: 2.3” Scabbard” 31.75” Handle Length: 9.28”

    Overall Length: 42.3"
    Blade Length: 30.5"
    Blade Material: Medum Carbon Steel and Pure Iron
  • Musashi Han Wu Sword SC295