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Dragon Samurai Sword-SA-798-PS

Dragon Samurai Sword-SA-798-PS

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Item #:sword-dragon-sa798-ps
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  • The Katana (long sword) was used by the Samurai during battles. The Samurai sword consists of a blade made by covering a soft iron core with layers of steel, and a hilt often made from wood covered with fish skin and bound with flat braid. The blade was protected by a scabbard (saya) of lacquered wood.

    The Samurai often gave names to their swords and believed it was the "soul" of their warrior-ship. The oldest swords were straight and had their early design in Korea and China. The Samurai's desire for tougher, sharper swords for battle gave rise to the curved blade we still have today. The sword had its beginning as iron combined with carbon. The swordsmith used fire, water, and anvil and hammer to shape the world's best swords. After forging the blade, the sword polisher did his work to prepare the blade for the "furniture" that surrounded it. Next the tester took the new blade and cut through various sizes of bones from smaller ones to large ones. Test results were often recorded on the nakago (the metal piece attaching the sword blade to the handle). Today it is still the custom in Japan to make a gift of a Samurai sword on special occasions, as a reminder and respect for the past.

    This sword features a black handle with a dragon's head on the pommel. Four claws make up the hilt. The finish is a high gloss black finish and the blade features a pronounced hamon.

    Overall Length: 42" out of scabbard: 41 1/2"
    Blade Length: 26 3/4"
    Blade Material: Carbon Steel
  • Dragon Samurai Sword-SA-798-PS
    Dragon Samurai Sword-SA-798-PS
    Dragon Samurai Sword-SA-798-PS