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Kill Bill
Bill's Sword

Kill Bill
Bill's Sword

Musashi<br>Kill Bill<br>Bill's Sword<br> SS028BK-1C

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Item #:SS028BK-1C-PS
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  • You can now purchase your very own Kill Bill Sword in all its glory! This hand-honed Musashi Sword is a great Sword replica from the hit Kill Bill movie. From the lacquered saya (Complete with the "Foo Dog" inscription) to the carbon steel, hand honed blade - you will swear this came from Hattori Hanzo himself!

    This hand honed, razor sharp sword can be fully disassembled.

    Overall Length: 39 1/2"
    Blade Length: 27 1/2"
    Blade Material: Hand Sharpened Carbon Steel with the Hattori Hanzo symbol etched in the blade and scabbard.
    Handle Material: Black braid with bronze tsuba.
    Includes: A hard piano finish scabbard, metal tsuba, synthetic ray skin and a sword bag.
  • Musashi<br>Kill Bill<br>Bill's Sword<br> SS028BK-1C