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Roman Gladiator Sword

Roman Gladiator Sword<br>SDK-1171

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  • This Roman Gladiator sword comes with a hard leather scabbard in burgundy color with brass fittings and decoration. It features a wooden pommel and wooden hilt. It also comes with a shoulder strap and a faux ivory handle.

    One of the most recognized swords of any culture is the Roman sword, also known as the gladius. The highly trained and disciplined Roman legionnaires, cavalrymen and infantrymen all capitalized on variations of this highly effective weapon. Gladius is a Latin word for sword. The Roman soldier generally led with his shield and thrust with his sword. Roman Gladius Sword is a simple Roman sword dating 50 A.D. and later. The sword features a Pompeii style blade which was adopted to be used as a slashing sword instead of the thrusting blades dating before 50 A.D. Gladii were two-edged for cutting and had a tapered point for stabbing during thrusting. A solid grip was provided by a knobbed hilt added on, possibly with ridges for the fingers. Blade strength was achieved by welding together strips, in which case the sword had a channel down the center, or by fashioning a single piece of high-carbon steel, rhomboidal in cross-section. The owner's name was often engraved or punched on the blade.

    Overall Length: 29 5/8"
    Blade Length: 21 7/8"
    Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
    Handle Material: Wooden hilt with wooden pommel and faux ivory handle.
    Includes: Hard leather scabbard with brass decorations and a should strap.
  • Roman Gladiator Sword<br>SDK-1171