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Reina De Rosas Charlotte Sword-SW-912-MC

Reina De Rosas Charlotte Sword-SW-912-MC

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Item #:Bleach-Rosas-SW-912-MC
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  • Arrancar 20 Charlotte Chuhlhourne is one of Baraggan Louisenbairn's six Fracciˇn as well as an extremely vain drag queen who believes himself to be the most beautiful thing in creation. When in the fake Karakura Town, Baraggan sends Charlotte to target one of the pillars. He ends up fighting with Yumichika Ayasegawa in what becomes both a physical battle and one over whose ideals of beauty is the right one. His Zanpakut˘ is Reina de Rosas Reţna de Rosasu?, Spanish for "Queen of Roses", Japanese for "Beautiful Queen of the Palace Rose Garden"), which resembles a large katana with a purple hand and sheath and a hilt shaped like a flower with holes in the petals. When released, he wears an outfit resembling those of the "magical girl" archetype found in some manga. When he uses his "Rosa Blanca Rosa Buranka?, Spanish for "White Rose", Japanese for "White Rose's Punishment") to surround himself and Yumichika, gloating that no one outside of this space can sense their spiritual pressure, the Soul Reaper takes this opportunity to unleash his Zanpakut˘'s full power to fatally wound Charlotte. Near death, Charlotte admits the attack to be a thing of beauty and dies hearing Yumichika explain why he did not use that move earlier. He is voiced by Kenta Miyake in the Japanese version and by Travis Willingham in the English dub.

    Overall Length: 40 1/4" Out of Scabbard: 38 3/4"
    Blade Length: 27 1/2"
    Blade Material: Carbon Steel
    Handle Material: Purple Braid over imitation rayskin
    Includes: Blue scabbard with black swirl
  • Reina De Rosas Charlotte Sword-SW-912-MC
    Reina De Rosas Charlotte Sword-SW-912-MC