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Antiqued Jack Sparrow's Pirate Sword SW898A

Antiqued Jack Sparrow's Pirate Sword SW898A

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Item #:Pirate-Sword-SW898A-MC
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  • The mere mention of the word “pirate” conjures up images of daring swashbucklers, bloodthirsty scoundrels and wicked rogues of the sea. As a nation, we have been reared on the media’s portrayal of pirates as either improbably romantic and dashing heroes or incorrigible villains. There has been no in-between. Those that explore the history of piracy in deeper detail find themselves exposed to a much more complex world than had previously been suspected. Often, many of these would-be scholars stop when they learn the truth of the gruesome and horrible deeds of some pirates. Unfortunately, they stop too soon. While it is true that there were several pirates and privateers that more than lived up to this reputation for evil, it is also true that as a nation we owe a great deal of our history to those very same pirates.

    This pirate sword would be perfect for any pirate replica. You could look just like the pirates in the Pirate movie at the theater. This sword comes with a black leather wrapped scabbard and brass tipped handle. The top of the scabbard features the ever famous skull and cross bones.

    Overall Length: 36"
    Blade Length: 29"
    Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
    Handle Material: Black leather wrapped scabbard with brass tip and brass handle.
  • Antiqued Jack Sparrow's Pirate Sword SW898A