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Highlander MacLeod Cameron Clan Sword-SB0572-2

Highlander MacLeod Cameron Clan Sword-SB0572-2

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  • There are two possible meaning for the surname "Cameron." Unfortunately, both are no more than theoretical explanations, with the surname's definitive meaning lost somewhere in the distant past. 1) Crooked Nose: From the Gaelic "cam," which means "crooked," "bent" or "hook" and "shron," which means "nose." Together they make up "Camshron," the more accepted/popular meaning behind the Cameron surname. The "sh" and "o" are for the most part silent when pronounced.

    2) Crooked Hill: From the Gaelic "cam," once again meaning "crooked," "bent" or "hook" and "brun," meaning "hill." This name, "Cambrun," was popular in Fife, Scotland and if not categorically connected with the Camerons of the Highlands, may be the source of "Lowland" Cameron surname in some instances.

    Central to the Clan Cameron crest are five arrows, "united" with one another with a gules ribbon or band. This crest goes back to before 1745, when it supplemented the old "dexter arm" crest (which was still used interchangeably with the Five Arrows into the mid-twentieth century. These two crests, and their mottos on the surrounding strap, may be used by clansmen to denote their clan affiliation.

    The "Five Arrows" represent the five branches of the clan under the leadership of the Camerons of Lochiel during the early/mid-eighteenth century, namely:

    1) MacMartins or Camerons of Letterfinlay 2) Camerons of Glen Nevis 3) Camerons of Callart and Lundavra 4) Camerons of Erracht 5) Camerons of Clunes

    This superb sword comes with a brushed suede handle with wire wrap and a hardwood plaque. The hilt has five arrows united with a bules ribbon or band.

    Overall Length: 43 1/8"
    Blade Length: 31 3/4"
    Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
    Handle Material: Wire Wrapped Brushed Suede
    Includes: Plaque, Leather Sheath
  • Highlander MacLeod Cameron Clan Sword-SB0572-2
    Highlander MacLeod Cameron Clan Sword-SB0572-2