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Halo Energy Sword Full Tang

Halo Energy Sword Full Tang

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Item #:halo-sword-a
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  • If you’re a Halo fan, at some point you’ve probably wished you could have an actual energy sword to take out your frustrations with. While made of Stainless Steel and not energy, I think you'll agree this sword rocks. If you're a Master Chief or Arbiter fan you've got to have this. What better way to make sure you are prepared if the Covenant attacks?

    The Arbiter in Halo 3.

    The Arbiter is a fictional ceremonial and political rank bestowed upon special Covenant Elites in the Halo universe. In Halo 2, the rank is bestowed upon a disgraced Elite as a way to atone for his failures during Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo: First Strike. Although the Arbiter is intended to die serving the Prophet Hierarchs, the Arbiter defends the Covenant until the Prophets betray the Elites. Subsequently, the Arbiter unites with his former enemies, the humans, and stops the ringworld Delta Halo from being fired. The character is one of two playable characters in Halo 2 and Halo 3, and is voiced by Keith David in both games.

    Overall Length: 36"
    Blade Length: 36"
    Blade Width: 14 1/4"
    Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
    Handle Material: Black with silver trim-metal
  • Halo Energy Sword Full Tang