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Trunks' Sword
Hard Scabbard

Dragonball Z
Trunks' Sword
Hard Scabbard

Dragonball Z <br>Trunks' Sword<br> Hard Scabbard

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  • From Dragonball Z: Trunks Saga:

    Trunks is one of the more popular Dragonball characters. He is a time traveler, come from the future to warn the past about the deadly robots and cyborgs of Dr. Gero. His appearance sets into motion of chain of events that will culminate in the spectacular Cell Game and the second death of Son Goku.

    Trunks displays three types of chi blast in the manga. There is his standard chi blast, which is quite effective all by itself; the Kiaiho, which is an invisible bolt of force, and the "Burning Attack". Trunks makes a complicated series of arm gestures before bringing his hands together out in front of his body. He then fires off a massive ball of energy that is more than capable of destroying a small spaceship. Apparently, the video game version of Trunks has other attacks, including something called the "Phoenix Buster". Aside from his chi blasts, Trunks has demonstrated the standard set of powers for a Dragonball Z character (Swatting side chi blasts, flight, chi sense, and so on.)

    Trunk's skills are partially based upon the manga and partially drawn from the fact that he grew up with his mother in a war ravaged wasteland.

    Weapon Specs:

    43 1/2" Overall Length Blade Length 31" Metal Leather Wrapped Handle 440K Stainless Steel Blade Includes Custom Red/Blue Hard Scabbard with Backstrap

    Be one of the first to own this awesome anime replica!

    This is the latest version of the Dragonball Z sword with a new hard scabbard.

    Overall Length: 43 1/2"
    Blade Length: 31"
    Includes: Hard leather scabbard in red with blue accents.
  • Dragonball Z <br>Trunks' Sword<br> Hard Scabbard
    Dragonball Z <br>Trunks' Sword<br> Hard Scabbard