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Bleach Captain Zaraki Kenpachi Sword

Bleach Captain Zaraki Kenpachi Sword

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Item #:bleach-white-BL-004-MC
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  • 11th Division Captain Zaraki Kenpachi: Ruthless, strong, fierce, and scary. Zaraki Kenpachi is the captain of the 11th division. He fights for himself, and wants to become stronger as well. Even though he doesn't know his swords name, this doesn't mean his power is to be taken lightly. His astonishing spirit force is more than enough to make him part of the Gotei 13. His spirit force is so grand that he can't control it, which is why he wears the eyes patch. It eats his spirit force so he doesn't go all out on his opponents. He has shown that he loves to fight. Fighting is everything to him; the stronger his opponent is will make his fight much more enjoyable. Even if he's at risk of dying he won't back up on a fight.

    Appearance:Wears the normal Death god outfit and over it he wears the 11th division robe. Zaraki has a funky hairdo he spikes his hair and at the tips he adds bells. Why does he do this? So his opponents can stand a better chance when they fight him. Hearing the bells according to him will make it easier to hear him coming, His eye patch as stated before, eats his spirit force since his spirit force is so enormous that he cant control it.

    11th Division:Although Zaraki appears to be ruthless, fierce, and scary he is a good captain. If needed he will aid his division members. As he showed when Ikkaku was about to be attacked by Mayuri. Zaraki stopped Mayuri in time and saved his squad member. Yachiru his vice captain and Zaraki seem to have a strong bond. Since they are always together. He met her before he entered the Gotei 13 and became captain. Although they seem like complete opposites they get along well. She gets away with calling him "Kenchan", and he doesn't mind it either.

    Overall Length: 43"
    Blade Length: 26 1/2"
    Blade Material: Stainless Steel
    Handle Material: White Cotton Cloth Wrapped
    Includes: Includes White Cotton Cloth Wrapped Scabbard!
  • Bleach Captain Zaraki Kenpachi Sword