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Seven Blades Sword

Angel Sanctuary
Seven Blades Sword

Angel Sanctuary <br>Seven Blades Sword

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Item #:ASSB-Triple7
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  • Angel Sanctuary is a magna and anime series created by Kaori Yuki. The Seven Blades Sword is originally constructed of Crystal or Diamond. As these elements are rather expensive, we introduce an affordable version for your collecting pleasure.

    What are you waiting for ? This is a must have for the AVID collector.

    Setsuna Mudo Setsuna Mudo is a problematic delinquent high school student, who is in love with his sister. To add to his problems, he is also a reincarnation of a fallen angel, which gets him caught in a messy war between heaven and hell.

    The background story is that of Organic Angel Alexiel, who is one of the highest beings in existence, third only to God himself and the primordial man known as Adam Kadmon. She is, in rank, equal to her twin brother the Inorganic Angel Rosiel. Before the beginning of the series God has fallen asleep to "gather his powers" which indicates that he is, in this series, very powerful but not omnipotent.

    Overall Length: 40 1/4"
    Blade Length: 30"
    Blade Width: 5 1/4"
    Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
    Handle Material: Black leather wrapped.
    Includes: Hardwood wall plaque
  • Angel Sanctuary <br>Seven Blades Sword